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On most Mexican menus, burritos and tacos hog the spotlight while tortas, complicated sandwiches served on crusty telera rolls, lurk meekly in the corner. Tenoch pushes its tortas to center stage, where they absolutely shine. Layered with smoky-hot chipotle mayo, pickled onions, avocado and melty queso Oaxaca, any of Tenoch’s meat options are terrific, but the standout is the campechana, a hefty combination of carnitas (braised, crisped pork shoulder), chorizo and beans. You may never bother with a burrito again.


The Sandoval Brothers of Davis Square’s Tenoch Mexican Reveal Their Top Dish and Travel Spot

Best of the New: Food 2012

This cheery counter-service taqueria in downtown Medford specializes in tortas,hefty sandwiches with meat, Oaxaca cheese, and vegetables stuffed inside soft telerabread. But you also can’t go wrong with the tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. The friendly guys behind the counter are happy to discuss the merits of their various salsas and fillings (the chile de arbol is a spicy essential), affably doling out tastes of this and that. It’s a great place for families — service is speedy and prices are fair.

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24 Riverside Ave. (Medford Square)
HOURS: 7 days a week 8 AM-9 PM








         3 Lewis St. (North End)
HOURS: 7 days a week 11 AM-9 PM




382 Highland Ave. (Davis Square) 
Hours Sun-Wed 11 am to 10 pm
   Hours  Thurs-Sat 11 am to 11 pm



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